Moni K. Huber, Andrea Kalinová, Nemes Csaba
Forsaken Utopias
20. September 2017. - 29. October
Opening: 19. September 2017 at 17:00
Curator: Pia Jardi
Remarks by: Wolfgang Schneider
he landscapes by Moni K. Huber, Andrea Kalinová and Csaba Nemes represent architecture, in different languages, as a synthesis between individual memory–a subjective experience that can produce feelings like melancholia or nostalgia for an irrecoverable past–and collective memory consisting of political, economic and social events.

Landscapes that combine nature and architecture, past and present and discover the beauty of the ephemeral. All this makes us think that the architecture reflects History and that the different narratives constructing History overlap.

Pia Jardí