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határidődeadline: 2004. március 31.

Dear artists and curators,

We would like to kindly invite you to the participation in Billboart Gallery Europe project (more info about the project on The submission deadline for Billboart Gallery Europe proposals is 31st March 2004. We are also very sorry for short submission period.

Billboart Gallery Europe is calling for project proposals for realization on billboards, presented within the larger scale international Billboart Gallery Europe exhibition, held in public spaces of 11 European cities from May till June 2004. The international jury will select at least 6 proposals; others will be kept in our database in order to be possibly used in further regional and international exhibition program of the gallery. There is no set topic of the artwork; important is focus on billboard medium itself.

The project proposals must be sent to us until 31st March 2004, via e-mail on our e-mail address . We will accept only projects in digital version! Proposals that will not be sent to us in required quality will not be accepted! Further more we do not recommend you to send us over 5 images per artist. Also we prefer recent artworks (not older than 2 years), not exhibited before. We do not accept any kind of commercial advertisement!

The complete/acceptable proposal must include:
§ Project proposal – view suitable for billboard realization in digital version: jpeg format; rgb colors; quality 8 /high/; proportionally reduced landscape format of the original billboard /504 x 238 cm/; width 700 pixels; 72 dpi.
§ Title and short description of proposed work in english; dates of origin; history of the artwork, if any.
§ Artist’s valid contact details (name, address, country, phone, email) in english.
§ Professional curriculum vitae in english.

The artworks will select the international jury – members of the professional council of Billboart Gallery Europe: Gabor Bakos/Hungary, Matei Bejenaru/Romania, Juraj Carny/Slovakia, Richard Fajnor/Czech Republic, Silva Kalcic/Croatia, Eva Khachatryan/Armenia, Mira Keratova/Slovakia, Michal Kolecek/Czech Republic, Mariusz Libel/Poland, Anna Soucek/Austria, Ana Nikitovic/Serbia and Montenegro, Tea Paichadze/Georgia, Nana Radenkovic /Serbia and Montenegro, Krysztof Sidorek/Poland, Olga Zhuk/Ukraine.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning the project.
Please forward this information to any relevant artists or curators who might be interested in participation.

Thank you and looking for our cooperation,

Mira Keratova

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