Bitfilm Festival for Digital Film, Hamburg

határidődeadline: 2003. július 1.

Bitfilm Festival 2003

The deadline for submissions to the Bitfilm Festival for Digital Film and New Media is July 1st 2003.
It will take place from September 19th to 26th 2003 in Hamburg, Germany.

In the five categories of its competition a total of 45 000 Euro in prize money is awarded.

DIGITAL FEATURES full length feature films which use digital technology (3D animation, compositing etc.) in a creative and innovative way.

BIT SHORTS short films of up to 15 minutes which use digital technology in a creative and innovative way.

FLASH linear movies and interactive works made with Macromedia Flash. Bitfilm has organised a \”Flash Award\” for the last three years, which is now integrated into the Bitfilm Festival.

MACHINIMA films made in real time with game engines.

MICROMOVIES films of all genres and styles with a maximum length of three minutes which work well on the small screens of mobile devices.

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