Impakt Festival

határidődeadline: 2002. május 30.


Impakt is an international festival for innovative audio-visual arts.
The program offers a high-quality selection of recent audio-visual productions.
For a more complete impression of the Impakt Festival please visit
our website:

The 13th edition of the Impakt Festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands,
will take place in the fall of 2002.

Impakt Festival is open for submissions of single-channel videos, films, websites and CD-Roms, production year 2001/2002.
The entry form is available on our website

Please fill out this entry form if you wish to participate in Impakt 2002.
Please include the filled out entry form in the parcel with your video or CD.
Do NOT send us entry forms by e-mail.

The deadline for entries is May 30, 2002.

Due to the large amount of work and high costs it is unfortunately
no longer possible for us to return your submission.