Painting Award „Profilo d Arte 2008”, Milan

határidődeadline: 2008. június 30.

Painting Award Profilo d Arte 2008, Milan
3rd Edition Art Award for Young Artists – 2008

The Competition has the aim of identifying and promoting young artists who distinguish themselves in the expressiveness of present-day art and for excellent abilities in technique, research and experimentation.

The Award foresees the awrding of prizes for the overall amount of 15,000.00 euros, the creation of a Catalogue and the setting up of Travelling Exhibition that will visit the cities of: Milan, Turin, Brescia, Ferrara, Reggio Emilia and Rome.

The artist awarded 1st place will also have the opportunity of a personal exhibition to be set up in one of the branches of the Bank (or in another location still to be defined).

The Inauguration Vernissage for the Profilo d\’Arte 2008, with the Prize Awarding Ceremony will be held on the 07th October 2008 at the – Museo della Permanente Via Turati, 49 – 20121 Milan.

The Award is open to all Artists, of all nationalities, born between 1st January 1968 and 31st December 1988.