Residency at Camac (France)

határidődeadline: 2013. június 30.

Ténot bursary for residence at Camac (France)

This artis in residence programme aims to bring together artists from all countries and all disciplines (writing, painting, sculpture, architecture, design; multimedia and video art, new technologies, installation art, music, dance etc.) for a concentrated period of one or two months.

This programme aims tu support residents in their creative explorations, investigations and professional growth within an environment of communication and exchange.

Camac and Fondation Ténot offer each year a residency bursary to one visual artist, one writer and one musician or composer in order to create new career prospects for artists.

The bursary covers a two-month residency, including return ticket, board and lodging.

The eligibility criteria include being professional artists of established ability and working knowledge of French, English or Spanish (plus other features).

Deadline for applications: 30 June.

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