Stipendium für künstlerische Fotografie und Medienkunst 2022

határidődeadline: 2021. november 15.

INVITATION to photographers and media artists
to apply for a grant incl. accommodation and work placement in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

According to § 1 section 1 of the Carinthian Culture Promotion Act of 2001, LGBl. Nr. 45/2001 idgF. (hereinafter referred to as: K-KFördG 2001), Carinthia is required to fund and promote cultural activities for the benefit of the Province and its residents. Funding is to be granted particularly when cultural activities take place in, or have a connection with Carinthia. According to § 1 section 3 lit g) of the K-KFördG 2001, the purpose of funding is to stimulate the cultural life of Carinthia, opening a modern perspective on the outside world including cultural exchanges. Furthermore, § 2 section 1 lit. i) und lit. l) of the K-KFördG 2001 states that areas of funding should include electronic media, photography and film, as well as intercultural collaboration.


1. Subject of funding

With the award of the grant according to this invitation the Province of Carinthia and the Town of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee wish to promote artistic photography and media art, which particularly include the possibilities of new media and technologies and actively promote them in the context of cultural exchange.

Therefore, according to § 4 section 1 lit e) of the K-KFördG 2001, the Province of Carinthia, in cooperation with the Town of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, is awarding a 5,000.- € grant (1,000.- € per month) from May 1st, 2022 to September 30th, 2022, including a studio flat in the Europahaus in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee.

The 5,000.- € grant will be provided by the Province of Carinthia. The studio apartment in the Europahaus is provided by the Town of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee.

With this scholarship, photo and media artists will be given the opportunity to devote themselves to creative work over a longer period of time and to establish contacts with the local cultural scene and ideally to realize a project. An exhibition in the \”living studio\” of the Stadtgalerie, in which – if possible – the results of the work created during the stay are presented, is linked to the scholarship, including the studio apartment.

Eligible for the grant are projects of artistic photography or media art, which particularly include the possibilities of new media and technologies

2. Eligible applicants

Photographers and media artists are eligible for application.

3. Requirements and conditions for funding:
Application via ONLINE-form (see: ) including attachments must be submitted within the given deadline.

Please note that uploads are possible in PDF-format only!

– Short description of the project (max. 1200 characters incl. blanks via online-form)
– State current phase of the project (max. 400 characters incl. blanks via online-form)
– CV (upload max. 2048 KB in PDF-format).
– Portfolio max. 5 DIN A4 pages in PDF-format, possibly including youtube or vimeo links etc. (max. upload 2048 KB).
– Further uploads (e. g. detailed description of the project, treatment, screenplay draft etc.) in PDF-format are possible (each upload max. 2048 KB).

There is no legal entitlement to a grant.
Applications which do not comply with the requirements for this grant cannot be taken into account.
If no submitted project is found to be eligible, the grant funds may be awarded for other purposes in the same category.
Please note that no detailed verbal explanation of the jury\’s suggestions will be given.
Projects already completed cannot be considered.
The grant holders are responsible for any tax payments that arise concerning the scholarship.
Only one project submission will be accepted per call.
In the case of occurrence of unforeseeable circumstances which exclude the possibility of travelling to Carinthia or necessitate a premature departure, the grant-holder undertakes to realise or continue the planned project as a home project.
Travel expenses and costs for material will not be covered.
The grant holder is responsible to organize health and accident insurance for themselves.
Compliance with house rules.

4. Data protection and publication:

The grant-holder must agree to the publication of data according to § 19 section 1 lit a) of the K-KFördG 2001 in the official cultural report of the Province of Carinthia.
In accordance with Art. 6 section 1 lit. b, e and f of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the funding agency is authorized to process electronically all personal data contained in the application form, as well as personal data arising in the course of handling and checking the funding or any reclamation concerning the applicant/grant-holder, for the purpose of processing the funding agreement, for control purposes and for any reclamations.
In accordance with Art. 6 section 1 lit. b, e and f (GDPR), the funding agency is authorised, in the course of processing the competition, to transmit the acquired data to the transparency data base (in accordance with the 2012 transparency data base act – TDBG 2012, BGBl. I no. 99, idgF) and to request data from the transparency data base, if these are necessary for the awarding, suspension or reclamation the grant.
Further details consequent on the collection of personal data are given on the last three pages of the announcement.

5. Decision

The grant is awarded by the cultural councilor of the Province of Carinthia, whose decision is based on nominations by an independent jury consisting of the members of the advisory board for fine arts, electronic media, photography and film of the Carinthian cultural committee (§ 8 section 1 lit a) and h) of the K-KFördG 2001) and a representative of the Town of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee. Depending on the individual submissions, further experts may be consulted.

Members and substitute members of the Carinthian culture committee may not be proposed for this grant.

6. Report on expenditure of funds

In accordance with § 5 section. 5 of the 2001 Carinthian Culture Promotion Act, acceptance of the grant obliges the recipient to use the grant as designated and to submit a work report to the funding agency: (Abteilung 14 – Kunst und Kultur, Burggasse 8, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee) no later than three months after termination of the grant. The work report shall furnish evidence that the intended purpose of the grant has been fulfilled: *text and/or image display, *clear target definition, *description of reason for project, *formulation of the project and, where relevant, information on possibilities for presentation (exhibitions, readings, etc.) and follow-up projects. In the case of artist-in-residence programs, a brief experience report (Were contacts established? What were the local conditions? Were you satisfied with the accommodation, or have you suggestions for improvements?). These documents serve as a basis for verifying the appropriate use of the grant. Should the grant not be used as designated, it must be repaid immediately.

7. Reference and logo placement:

The grant-holder must use the logo \”Land Kärnten Kultur\” and \”Landeshauptstadt Klagenfurt\” (incl. mention that the project was supported by the Province of Carinthia and the Town of Klagenfurt) in all project documents belonging to the study placement, and in the case of production of a film, in the opening or closing credits of the film project.

8. Submission deadline and place

Photographers and media artists who comply with the requirements for this grant, are invited to apply via ONLINE-form including attachments till 15th November 2021 to:


Please note:
Currently, a digital signatur on the ONLINE application form is possible only if you are registered in Austria. If you do not wish to apply for a digital signature or you are resident abroad, we would ask you to proceed as follows:

1. Complete the ONLINE application form.
2. Open the PDF view and save your ONLINE application form.
3. Send your ONLINE application (press only \”Send\”, since \”Sign & Send\” can be used only with a digital signature.)
4. Then print out your PDF ONLINE application form and sign it by hand.
5. Scan the signed form and send it to:

Applications without a digital signature can be considered only if the ONLINE application form, signed by hand, is sent as a PDF document within the submission period to:

If you wish to check your sent application and to receive confirmation of receipt by e-mail, we recommend that before applying, you register with the Province of Carinthia portal:

When you have sent your application, your monitor will show a confirmation of receipt together with a processing number. Should you not wish to register with the portal, we recommend that you note the processing number or make a screenshot as proof, since if questions arise, the processing number must always be given.

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