C:Art:Media – call for applications 2008

határidődeadline: 2008. április 15.

C:Art:Media is an international two-year master’s programme aimed at
students committed to a contemporary art practice using digital media in the
realization of their work. The strength of C:Art:Media lies in the ambition
to take the relation between art and technology to its fullest potential.
Depending on the students’ ambitions and interests they can choose to take
either a Master of Science or a Master of Fine Arts Degree.

– The C:Art:Media programme is situated in the city of Göteborg, Sweden. It
is a collaboration between Valand School of Fine Arts and the IT University
of Göteborg.
– Both students with a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree,
or the equivalent, are encouraged to apply.
– The C:Art:Media programme can result in either a Master of Fine Arts or a
Master of Science, depending on the nature of the individual student’s exam
– C:Art:Media is tuition free.
– All courses and administration are conducted in English.

Application deadlines:
*February 1st* – for students that need to apply for a visa, which includes
applicants from outside the EU/EEC.
*April 15th* – for students that do not have to apply for a visa, which
includes applicants within the EU/EEC or applicants that already have a
Swedish visa.

Read more about C:Art:Media and the application process at the C:Art:Media

Arne Kjell Vikhagen

Programme Manager
Valand School of Fine Arts | IT-University of Göteborg
Göteborg University