International Video Reporting Award

határidődeadline: 2004. szeptember 15.

International Video Reporting Award

+++ Deadline 15th of September, 2004 +++

The \”International Video Reporting Award\” is an international competition
for short, innovative, non-fiction digital filmmaking. The films must be
helmed by a single person who is solely responsible for content, direction,
camera, sound and editing, and who fully explores the creative dimensions
of digital technology. The filmmaker should also be taking on the
challenge of autonomous production and distribution.

The award jury will be looking for excellence in story-telling, as well as for
imaginative use of filmmaking techniques.

The \”International Video Reporting Award\” provides an overview of
international trends and standards. The screenings will encompass work
from the USA, Great Britain, and also the beginnings of video reporting in

The Top Prize carries an award of 1000 Euros.

The award cermony will take place during the 6. backup_festival in Weimar/Germany Oktober, 7. – 10. 2004.

Applications for the \”International Video Reporting Award\” may be registered online at
under \”Call for Entries\”, and all current registration forms can be downloaded as a pdf.

Send Entries to:
Bauhaus-University Weimar
Faculty of Media
Bauhausstr. 11
D-99423 Weimar/Germany

Entry submission Deadline: September 15, 2004. Each entry submission should be no longer than 15 minutes.

The independent jury for the \”International Video Reporting Award\” consists of established television producers, VR-Coaches and University/Film school teachers. The jury members for 2004 are: Sabine Streich, Michael Rosenblum,
Wolfgang Kissel.