living between

határidődeadline: 2003. március 31.

Call for Contributions

living between
new researches on contemporary space

january – december 2003

The Observatory proposed (third stage of a research started a few years ago) is a further occasion to think over the contemporary man\’s living necessities in relation to the changes that the present time, with its new parameters and directions, imposes.
Living necessities that are looking for an expression in new spaces where to live, among which are the ones referred to the house, traditionally primary space.
The reflection, in the specific, develops itself through the observation and recognition of the many different \’typologies\’ of relations-interactions that man today establishes with space at every level. Investigation processes that, if being carried out with a wide \’vision\’ of the phenomenon, define and affirm a real and own new culture of living founded on the consciousness of the man-house-cosmos unity and on the search for quality in their relations.

The architectural and artistic research in general terms of these last decades evidenced how the living space, as for its different communicative potentialities, can be considered fundamentally a \’place of relations\’. Place of \’phenomena\’, \’events\’, \’experiences\’, … the contemporary space stands out for its wide possibility to generate inter-actions at different levels with what it referres to.
In parallel man, today, finds himself involved in a series of social cultural ethic behavioural changes… that lead him to an individual re-discovery of new multiple dimensions of his living that are looking for a necessary expression in the space, especially in his own house space.
Among the modern theories on living (Heidegger, Norberg-Schulz,…) many, besides, refer to the close connection between the \’living\’ subject and the space around him in terms of extension, belonging, identity and search for the suitable requirements for the development of his own activities.
Again, other fields of knowing like the \’new sciences\’, describe the Universe as a \’complex\’ unitary system organically integrated and interacting in all its parts, and whose laws seem to be applicable in an analogous way to all the scale (D.Bohm, F.Capra, P.Davies… ).
Therefore, they appear more and more evident, the indissoluble relations and the analogies that link man to his space and both to a more general system, traditionally called cosmos, which contains them.
The conception of the living space in general, of the house space (primary space) in the specific, the looking for of its actual specificity and quality, put surely the question of the recognition and study of the varied and different \’interactions\’ that space is able to establish with all the elements connecting with it.
We invite architects, artists (photographers, movie directors, painters, sculptors, …), designers, graphic designers, teachers, researchers, Phds, scholars of architecture, art, aesthetics, anthropology, psychology, philosophy,…, students from the Schools of Architecture, from the Academies of Fine Arts,…to present an own contribution on the themes proposed by the Observatory under one of the forms and modalities described.
The most significant researches for the teaching, the definition and the transmission of the theme proposed will be selected as materials for the final exhibition and for the scheduled publications.
The observatory will give the preference to the researches that put in evidence the interactive relation existing, at different levels, between man and space and between space and \’cosmos\’, that define these different typologies of interactions, that describe traditional or new forms of living based on the consciousness of these relations, that study typologies of houses and of domestic spaces whose quality is the quality of these relations.
Most part of the researches sent will be in any case presented on the Observatory website.

The materials must be sent from february 1, 2003 and until march 31, 2003 (date of arrival).
We advise to send the material as soon as possible to allow a careful valuation of this one.
The authors of the selected researches in the three categories will be contacted by e-mail before april 15, 2003.
The authors of the selected researches for the exhibition will have to send, before july 19, 2003 the works, panels, models elaborated according to the modalities established by the organisers.
All the costs for the definition of the works for the exhibition (redaction of the works, panels, models,…) and for the sending, if not agreed differently, are at the author\’s expense. Some partial forms of financing can be, however, considered for some especially interesting works.
The authors of the selected researches for the publications will have to send, before may 15, 2003, the final articles and/or images about the researches proposed, according to the editing quantities and modalities established by the organisers. All the works presented during the exhibition will be published.The authors will have to contribute to the publication expenses (except for the ones taking part in the exhibition) for the amount of euro 100.
During the exhibition will be debated and some mentions will be given to the most significant works by the organisers, the partners and critics invited, moreover some recommendations for other events will take place.
All the authors will receive a certificate of participation.