Open call for rituals

határidődeadline: 2019. június 16.

Passage, healing, and transmission in connection with the land

Words like mutation, transformation, and transition are thus applied to artistic practices and to the institutions that make them possible. As an art center conceived to facilitate crosspollination of ideas and to act as a space welcoming experimentation in the ruins of modernity, the MAGASIN des horizons has launched an unlikely call for rituals. Under the umbrella of artistic practice, we include artists/mediums, mediators, and/or healers. We seek to host practices that foster participation in rites of passage from an ordered, rational world to a world of entanglement, meshing, and interweaving, as well as aim to overcome the insularity of the segregated and overly specialized art disciplines.

Possible formats?
Earthly rituals may take on any form imaginable:
–healing, relief
–passage, initiation
–intercession, supplication
–pagan, shamanic, daily
–collective, individual
–ancestral, contemporary
–cyclical, one-off

Participation requirements
There are no requirements.

This call is addressed to poets, writers, mediums, choreographers, visual artists, draftspersons, mediators, video artists, filmmakers, shamans, photographers, designers, stage directors, autodidacts, activists, mediators, dreamers of all ages and from all walks of life.

Research residency requirements
Research stipends and allowances are within the limits of a budget determined on project-by-project basis. Every ritual will be remunerated.

–Concise presentation of the ritual(s) (maximum one A4-size page)
–Artist’s portfolio or website presenting previous approaches, works, projects, talks, performances, shows, actions, texts, or images… The PDF portfolio must be in A4 format, maximum length 20 pages. The size of the file must not exceed 8 Mb. Please use the following file name format: name_surname_appel_rituel2019.pdf

Submit your application via email to before June 16, 11:59pm. Applications submitted past that date will not be eligible.

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