Project Anywhere 2015

határidődeadline: 2015. szeptember 1.

Global exhibition program and call for 2016 proposals

Application deadline: September 1, 2015

Project Anywhere is a global exhibition model in which the role of curator is replaced with the type of peer-review model typically endorsed by a refereed journal. Emphasizing art and research undertaken outside traditional circuits, Project Anywhere is dedicated to the blind peer evaluation and dissemination of art and research at the outermost limits of location specificity. With only a handful of projects hosted each year, selection is extremely competitive. Following an exhaustive international peer validation and editorial process, Project Anywhere is delighted to promote its 2015 global exhibition program.

The deadline for proposal submissions for our 2016 program is September 1. Please send proposals (as an attachment) to <mailto:>.

Your proposal should include the following:

-Title of proposed project
-Location(s), date(s) and duration (if known) for proposed project. This information can be updated later.
-A detailed project proposal. Please refer to our proposal guidelines ( and our evaluation criteria ( before submitting a proposal.
-Images, files and (non-attributable) links can be included where appropriate.

NB: To be eligible for blind peer review, it is imperative that all name and contact details are removed from the proposal document (and all accompanying materials). Contact details should be included in the body of the email only.

For more information visit: