Raumars Artist In Residence Programme

határidődeadline: 2002. április 30.


Raumars welcomes applications from artists who wish to take up residency at Rauma in year 2003. The artists may work on any field of art including visual arts, design, architecture, music, literature and dance. Duration of the residence period is 2-6 months.

Applications due end of April 2002.

The artists have to produce at least one co-operative/ community project together with local people or institutions during his/her visit. It can be workshop, lecture or public/ environmental art piece. The project will be produced according the artist’s (accepted) proposal. Raumars will provide with an apartment in Old Rauma free of charge and administrative help in producing the accepted project and guarantees also some support for the material expenses (252 EUR/monthly). Applications have to include a short documentation of the artist’s work. Main selection criterion will be the quality of previous art and the proposal.

Next jury meeting in May 2002.

c/o Lönnström Art Museum
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Raumars, Lönnström Art Museum, Valtakatu 7, FIN-26100 RAUMA
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Lönnströmin taidemuseo, Rauma



The Raumars Artist in Residence Programme, Rauma, FINLAND

The International Raumars – Artist in Residence Programme of Rauma was founded at the Lönnström Art Museum in 1997. Currently managed as joint project involving several cultural institutions, Raumars produces community art projects in Rauma and elsewhere in the surrounding region of Satakunta. Residence can be applied for by visual artists, artisans, designers, architects, musicians and writers. The Raumars Programme involves a wide-ranging network of background organizations and the unique cultural atmosphere of Old Rauma, listed as a Unesco World Heritage site. The programme seeks to make art part of the life of the community, to bring the outside the domain of official arts instituions, and to encourage the local inhabitants to participate in cultural affairs in a new and active way. For visiting artists Raumars is a unique opportunity to discover the Finnish way of life ­ while for the local community the artists in residence provide new perspectives on the world.

The Residents

The visiting artists work in a social context, arranging workshops and projects together with local people. The applicants are expected to present a project plan in accordance with the residency time spent at Rauma. The main selection criterion is the artists motivation to work within a social context.


The Central Arts Council
The City of Rauma
The Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Foundation
Satakunta Arts Council

Raumars, Lönnström Art Museum, Valtakatu 7, FIN-26100 RAUMA
Phone 358-50-3317465 Fax 358-2-83874742
/ Ms Raija Heikola