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Rhizome.org is pleased to announce that with support from Greenwall Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts, between eight and ten new net art projects (works of art that are made to be experienced online) will be commissioned in 2005.

The fee for each commission will range from $US1,500 – $US3,500.

Rhizome.org is an online platform for the global new media art community. We are committed to supporting the creation, presentation, discussion and preservation of art that engages new technologies in significant ways. We emphasize
innovation and inclusiveness in all of our programs and activities.

Artists are invited to submit proposals for new works of internet art. There is no required theme, but these works must be made to be experienced online, thus viewers/participants/players should be able to access the projects online, whether through a web browser, software, or some other use of internet technologies.

When evaluating proposals, the jury will consider artistic merit, technical feasibility, and technical accessibility.
Although we will provide some technical assistance with final integration into the Rhizome.org web site, artists are expected to develop projects independently and without significant technical assistance from Rhizome.org.

+ How to Submit a Proposal +
The jury will only consider proposals from members of Rhizome.org. To sign up for Rhizome membership, please visit:


There are two parts to proposal submission:

1. You must create a proposal in the form of a web site that includes the following key elements:

+ Project description (500 words maximum) that discusses your project\’s core concept, how you will realize your project and your project\’s feasibility. If you plan to work with assistants, consultants or collaborators, their roles
and (if possible) names should be included.

+ You are encouraged, but not required, to include a production timeline and a project budget, which should include your own fee. If you have other funding sources for your project, please indicate this in your budget.

+ Your resume or Curriculum Vitae. For collaborative groups, provide either a collective CV or the CV\’s of all participants.

+ Up to 5 work samples. Note: More is not necessarily better. You should include only work samples relevant to your proposal. If your proposal has nothing to do with photography, don\’t include images from your photography
portfolio. Please provide contextualizing
information (title, date, medium, perhaps a brief
description) to help the jury understand what they are looking at. The work sample can take any form, as long as it is accessible via the web.

When designing your web-based proposal, please note that the jury will have limited time for evaluations, so try to make your site clear and concise.

When your web-based proposal is complete, you are ready for Part Two of the proposal process:

2. Submit your proposal for a Rhizome.org Net Art Commission via an online form at

We do not accept proposals via email, snail mail or other means. Proposals will be accepted until 5:00pm EST (that\’s New York time) on Friday, March 15, 2005. The form at http://rhizome.org/commissions/submit/ requires the following information:

+ Name of artist or collaborative group
+ Email address
+ Place of residence (city, state/province, country)
+ Title of the project (this can be tentative)
+ Brief description of project (50 words maximum)
+ URL of web-based proposal

+ Jury +
Proposals will be reviewed by a jury consisting of Rachel Greene, Executive Director of Rhizome.org and author of Internet Art (Thames and Hudson, 2004); Francis Hwang,Director of Technology at Rhizome.org; artist Eduardo Kac,Professor and Chair, Art and Technology Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Sydney-based artist, writer and curator Melinda Rackham, also of the -empyre- forum; and the head of Tate Digital Programmes, and Net Art curator at Tate Online, Jemima Rellie.

Rhizome.org members will also participate in the evaluation and awarding process through secure web-based forms. In this phase of evaluation, Rhizome.org members will be directed to the submitted web-based proposals. While this more open jurying process does mean that proposals could possibly be discussed publicly, there have been no reported conflicts or
abuses of information reported.

+ Winners +
Winners will be contacted on or after May 1, 2005. Each winner will be asked to sign an agreement with Rhizome.org governing the terms of the commission. Commissioned projects will be listed on the main Rhizome Commission page and included in the Rhizome ArtBase.

Winners will be announced on or before May 1, 2005.
Commissioned projects must be completed by December 1, 2005.

+ Questions +
If you have any questions about the Rhizome.org Net Art Commissions, please contact Francis Hwang at or 212.219.1222 X202.

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Rhizome.org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and an affiliate of the New Museum of Contemporary Art.