The Common Inn

határidődeadline: 2019. március 12.

Join a one-day gathering of people showing their thing. Display and discuss what you are already doing, would like to be doing, and how others can get involved on April 18, 2019. The Common Inn invites makers and thinkers to exhibit or perform their work in a programme of various activities that collectively question the infrastructures surrounding the notion of talent. We build new energy and ideas by questioning the system, developing trust and self-esteem amongst ourselves.

Throughout The Common Inn, several guests, amongst them recent graduates, late bloomers, policymakers, scouts, and a visiting audience will binge-watch or binge-partake in an allotted timed broadcast. What existing trajectories for talent can be located, yoked together, reinstated or dismantled? Is talent an excavated resource available to all, or perhaps a process of expensive polishing available to few?

The Common Inn: Thursday, April 18, 2019
Application deadline: Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Museumpark 25, Rotterdam

About The Common Inn
The Inn prompts people to come cheek to cheek with one another and promotes coincidental and constructive ways of peeking. The Common Inn project cropped up from commoning, a verb for the commons, pertaining to land and resources belonging to or affecting the whole of a community. It involves taking your life into your own hands, rather than depending solely on outside forces to sell you what you need, or to provide a prescribed path forward. What if talent development were reconstructed along commonist lines?

The Common Inn is a programme of exhibited works, performances and other activities based on a series of open calls. The event is primarily informed by a gathering of designers, artists, educators, researchers, curators, photographers and other makers and thinkers to present and share. But if you feel like questioning the preconceptions and dogmas that surround the funding, exhibiting, publishing, distributing and awarding of talent you are welcome to join as well.

The event takes places in Gallery 1 of Het Nieuwe Instituut and is performed by all respondents to the open calls, invited guests, Het Nieuwe Instituut, and curators and scenographers Simon Becks and Jules van den Langenberg.

From February 20 to March 12, 2019, 12:59pm CET you are invited to send in a proposal for a work, an activity, or other contribution to , making sure to include the following*:

–Name of individual or group
–Type of contribution: exhibition of work / performance / lecture / prototype display / film screening / other: write your own text here
–An image and a description of your project (max 300 words)
–A short description of your project for press and publication (max 100 words)
–Preferred minutes of display and a preferred time of day: number of minutes in the morning, afternoon or evening

To be able to provide you with a timeslot, registration of your work on location, and food and drinks during the day an admission fee of 15 EUR per person applies. When your proposal has been sent in and a confirmation email has been sent to you by The Common Inn, your registration will be finalised. After receiving the confirmation of your attendance the amount will be charged.

Note that open fires, explosives, violence and heteronormative assumptions are not permitted. The work needs to fit through a hallway and doors of 180 x 248 cm. Electricity is provided upon request. Make sure to bring all that is needed to install and present.

*As the programme and its announcement are a public affair, by sending in your proposal you agree with the publishing of press information for all web and print purposes

Selection procedure
Initially, all proposals are accepted. You will be contacted in March by the curators of the event about the final space allocated and granted an amount of time in regard to your submitted project. Do keep in mind that even static work will be subjected to a time slot. Due to the scenography and overall schedule of contributions, it may require an adjustment in time or content.

For questions about the open call please contact or visit