WRO 09: Expanded City

határidődeadline: 2009. február 15.

WRO 09 Expanded City
13th Media Art Biennale
20th Anniversary Special Edition


The WRO 09 Expanded City competition is open for submissions only for another month, until 15 Feb 2009. The entry form and competition regulations are available online at http://wro09.wrocenter.pl/entry

Expanded City

Expanded cinema – Gene Youngblood\’s term from 1970 – was coined as a name for new forms of artistic experimentation with the language of film. But the term\’s underlying concept of synesthetic cinema combining esthetic sensitivity with technological innovation is also relevant to transformations in art arising from the infusion of new tools and the exploration of new views of perception.

According to Youngblood, the new cinema medium – expanding beyond the limitations of the genre and foreshadowing the technological and esthetic diversification of contemporary art – became the most appropriate language for the post-industrial, post-literate, post-mass environment with its multi-dimensional simulsensory network of information sources.

The Expanded city extends the concept of expanded media: The city becomes a metaphor for shared space for exchange and communication, expanding and diversifying through new technologies.

What does new media art contribute to this shared communication space? Is it mere commentary or does it offer new solutions? How does it define that space by exploring its dimensions? How is the city shaped by the appearance of new programmed and programmable agoras? How does contemporary art influence the concept, the substance and the image of a city?


Deadline for submissions

5 – 10.05.2009
WRO 09 competition and main events

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