Dušan Barok előadása

Intermédia (Budapest VI. Kmety György u. 27. földszint)
2020. február 12. (szerda) 16.00

Az MKE Intermédia tanszékének vendége Dušan Barok. Az előadás nyilvános és angol nyelvű.

Emerging from the vibrant scenes of media arts and culture in Central Europe, Monoskop is more than a digital library of the arts. From the start the platform has been aiming to self-document, self-contextualise and self-historicize a wide range of artistic tendencies of the present and recent decades in the “former East” that don’t easily fit into established historical categories and ended up marginalised by the canon. One strategy has been to map emerging contexts such as artists’ publishing, cyberfeminism, anthropocene, post-internet, post-digital or neural aesthetics and present them through augmented perspectives which take into account geographic, gender, linguistic and institutional diversity. Besides operating an online platform, Monoskop has been involved in a variety of events including participation at exhibitions, experimental publishing, curating video screenings and artistic research workshops. The informal presentation and discussion will consider some of these and suggest horizons ahead.

Yoko Ono: Grapefruit, 1964
Yoko Ono: Grapefruit, 1964