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Szilágyi Ákos
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Red horizon
Russian and Ex-Soviet artworks from the Ludwig Museum\'s collection
5. June 2015. - 6. September
Curator: Farkas Viola
Remarks by: Szilágyi Ákos
Faust II.
Reality and fiction in contemporary photography
26. October 2012. - 2. December
Curator: Uhl Gabriella
Remarks by: Márton László, Szilágyi Ákos, Szőke Szabolcs
New Drawings
14. February 2007. - 2. March
Remarks by: Szilágyi Ákos
Heart Matters
28. May 2006. - 2. July
Curator: Sárosdy Judit
Remarks by: Szilágyi Ákos