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Bullet Shih
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Bódis Barnabás
Sancho Panza
10. March 2017. - 30. March
Remarks by: Bullet Shih
Bódis Barnabás, Bullet Shih, William Theodoracopulos
Barnabás, Bullet, Bvilliam in Budapest
27. May 2011. - 9. June
Remarks by: David Wilkinson
Fodor János, Alexa Hoyer, Pacsika Rudolf, Alex Schikowski, Bullet Shih, John Summers, John Tiney, Nannette Vinson, David Wilkinson
Foreign Bodies
14. October 2010. - 12. November
Bullet Shih
Life on the meniscus
3. April 2008. - 12. April
Remarks by: Jan Kennis