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Hushegyi Gábor
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Németh Ilona
Pack Up Everything...
24. March 2017. - 20. May
Curator: Hunya Krisztina
Remarks by: Hushegyi Gábor
Imagined Communities, Personal Imaginat
Private Nationalismus Budapest
28. October 2015. - 13. December
Curator: András Edit
Remarks by: Hushegyi Gábor
Demeter István, Haris László
It is ancient and strange for me as well
29. November 2013. - 14. January 2014.
Curator: Bán András
Remarks by: Hushegyi Gábor
Lukoviczky Endre
New York - Budapest
6. September 2013. - 13. October
Remarks by: Hushegyi Gábor
Anetta Mona Chisa, Lucia Tkacova
The more you tell me, the stronger I can hit
23. March 2011. - 17. April
Curator: Hushegyi Gábor
Remarks by: Oltai Kata