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Heszky András
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Connetctions 2
New members of SYAA
10. February 2016. - 12. February
Curators: Heszky András, Don Tamás
Remarks by: Kozma Eszter
Connetctions 1
New members of SYAA
3. February 2016. - 6. February
Curators: Don Tamás, Heszky András
Remarks by: Keserue Zsolt
Gosztola Kitti, Klima Gábor, Tranker Kata
New year of trees ... or Silvaphilia, the liking of trees
8. January 2016. - 15. February
Curator: Somogyi Zsófia
Remarks by: Heszky András
Kerekes Péter János
The intolerable
24. January 2014. - 20. February
Curators: Gadó Flóra, Heszky András