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Pócs Veronika
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Vasarely: Hommage à 1969
Golden jubilee of the „state accepted abstraction” in Hungary
20. December 2019. - 28. February 2020.
Curators: Orosz Márton, Pócs Veronika
Remarks by: Mélyi József
Burnt geometry
Enamel experiments in Bonyhád 1968-1972
23. January 2019. - 28. February
Curators: Kopeczky Róna, Pócs Veronika
Remarks by: Keserü Katalin
Bolygó Bálint
Alchemy of light
Balint Bolygo’s Light Machines
19. October 2018. - 16. December
Curator: Pócs Veronika
Remarks by: Szegedy-Maszák Zoltán