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Falvai Mátyás
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Fischer Judit, Gosztola Kitti, Horror Pista, Molnár Zsolt, Szemző Zsófia, Tranker Kata
Everybody has a dream, everybody has a delusion
13. January 2016. - 23. January
Curator: Zsikla Mónika
Remarks by: Falvai Mátyás
Fátyol Viola
If you have a heart, what you did to me, hurts you too
Pictures from the Folk-song group of Vámospércs
3. October 2015. - 31. October
Remarks by: Falvai Mátyás
Szabó Ottó, Tóth Márton Emil
7. November 2014. - 25. November
Remarks by: Falvai Mátyás
Kovách Gergő
Have guts
19. March 2011. - 11. May
Remarks by: Falvai Mátyás
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