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Juhász Anna Mária
exihitions listed in the exindex

Personal distance
Photographs of Éva Besnyő
12. September 2020. - 11. November
Curators: Csatlós Judit, Juhász Anna Mária
Erlich Gábor, Karas David
Continuing hiatus
28. August 2019. - 27. September
Curator: Juhász Anna Mária
Molnár Zsolt
Mobile structures
8. January 2016. - 15. January
Curator: Juhász Anna Mária
Dorsánszki Adrienn
United States of Curiosity
7. January 2015. - 1. February
Remarks by: Juhász Anna Mária
Neogrády-Kiss Barnabás
they are seeking in my head again
3. April 2014. - 2. May
Curator: Juhász Anna Mária
Remarks by: Ragó Anett
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