Artists in Labs

határidődeadline: 2003. december 31.

This is a CALL FOR REGISTRATION in our new Artists In Labs DATABASE.
By registering now you can be part of the first call for grant applications.

We are pleased to inform you about a new and exciting program entitled
Artists in Swiss Science Labs (AIL) which is hosted by the Hochschule
für Gestaltung und Kunst (Academy of Art and Design) Zurich,
Switzerland. This is a funded program offering
artists the chance work collaboratively in a Swiss science laboratory
for a three to six-month period. The AIL program can help you to both
explore and be inspired by the current scientific, technological and
cultural developments of the 21st century.
Our main aim is to create new levels of creativity, innovation,
collaboration and communication.

What can an artist get out of the AIL program? We hope that the AIL
program will offer artists some or all of the following:

-Access to unique scientific research environments. Here you may be able
to share both the quest for interpretations of nature, matter and human
desire, as well as the interest to comprehend, explore, reveal, sustain,
create and build.

-Assist you in the production of new works, material applications,
prototypes and conceptual processes, allowing you to learn about
scientific information on a national and international level.

-An opportunity to learn about the nature of physical and psychological
space, the working methods and processes involved in the process of
?doing science?.

-A more creative attitude towards critical scientific issues and ethical
debates. Both the natural sciences and the information sciences not only
offer us new materials and techniques, but also strange metaphors and
ethical controversies.

-The sharing of common goals and opportunity to broaden your dialogue
with informational, cultural or natural science. It may help you
generate new ideas or raise others awareness about the larger challenges
of our time.

-It may also help you to develop a more trans-disciplinary approach.


2. There are several Artist/science collaborations that have produced
exciting work. As a reference we have included the following links:

The Exploratorium in San Francisco has had an artist in residence
program for over twenty-five years:

Xerox Parc- They have run an artist in residence program for
information science and media artists for five Years.

Serendipity is an ongoing artist is residence program for the placement
of Artists in Australian Science Labs. Organized by the Australian
Network for Art and Technology. Australia.

A collaboration between artists and physicists recently occurred in the
exhibition entitled The Signatures of the Invisible between CERN ? The
European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva and The London Institute.

MIT media lab is an ongoing artist in residence program.


3 What kind of scientific research can be offered by our current Swiss labs?

Last year ten Swiss Science labs responded to a feasibility study we made,
confirming that they were extremely interested in hosting an artist for a
residency program. These laboratories say they have responded because they
not only wish to see and experience different interpretations and analysis
of their own discoveries but also to collaborate in unorthodox ways with
who can work with or interpret direct material applications. These Swiss
Science labs range from natural science to information science, and include
the following areas of applied and non-applied research:
Artificial Life
Computer Science
Global Information Systems
Interactive Sculpture
Models of Communication and Abstraction
Plant Cultures
Scientific Visualization
Solar Technology
Synchrotron Light Research.

So finally our www site is up and running.

As we are currently securing funding for material and living costs, it
is really important to register with us now, so that you could be
considered for our new program in the near future. Please make your
registration through our web site and remember to include you area of
scientific interest as well as the art medium in which you work. The
main advantage of registration is that you will receive a newsletter and
be able to download the application forms for the program.

Rene Stettler
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