„buchsenhausen.air 2005” – call for submissions

határidődeadline: 2004. szeptember 17.

*kunstlerhaus buchsenhausen* invites visual and new media artists, theorists and curators to apply for a residency grant in 2005. candidates can submit a project proposal which has to be developed during the residency and to be presented at its end. see for further details http://buchsenhausen.at
the deadline for submissions is september 17, 2004.

+++ institution +++
kunstlerhaus buchsenhausen in innsbruck, austria is an international centre for artistic production, theoretical reflection and information exchange between artists working in the field of visual arts and the new media. the kunstlerhaus provides forum that facilitates a direct contact between artists, theorists and curators from the region and abroad. the institution also promotes young, innovative artists and presents their work. kunstlerhaus buchsenhausen is an institution affiliated with the „tyrolean artists’ association”.

+++ artist in residence +++
with its artist in residence programme „buchsenhausen.air” kunstlerhaus buchsenhausen aims to actively promote a discoursive art production and reflection in an internationally relevant context.

in the framework of „buchsenhausen.air” every year up to 12 visual and new media artists are coming to innsbruck for a period of 3 months. the artists selected by a professional jury in an international competiton find excellent working conditions at the kunstlerhaus that offers a setting that is interesting in terms of art, culture and landscape. the residency at kunstlerhaus buchsenhausen allows artists to work on the proposed project but also gives them the possibility to experiment and to reconsider their current artistic practice. furthermore, they have the opportunity to become directly familiar with the work of other resident artists, to exchange plans and ideas with them and to also carry out joint projects. usually, there are three resident artists and eight tyrolean artists working at the kunstlerhaus at the same time.

– individual studio for working and living
– free use of the available multimedia production tools in „buchsenhausen.labor”
– a grant of min. eur 500,– / month for covering the living and material expenses
– a production budget for the realization of the proposed project
– presentation of the project produced in „buchsenhausen.labor”
– contacts facilitated with local artists and curators as well as international partner institutions

kunstlerhaus buchsenhausen
weiherburggasse 13/12
6020 innsbruck, austria
phone +43 512 278627-10
fax +43 512 278627-11