határidődeadline: 2016. május 25.

Curatron is an online software tool that involves artists directly in the curatorial processes of the exhibitions in which they participate. Curatron is an anonymous system of peer evaluation and selection, which enables a pool of artists to select co-exhibitors from amongst a group of applicants of which they are a part of. The prize sought out by the Curatron software is the algorithm for the perfect, or at least perfectly coherent, thematic group show. With the cooperation of human artists, this may just be achievable.


Platform is offering a 500€ artist fee and 500€ for travel/shipping to and from Stockholm. We will further support selected artists with accommodation, installation help and promotion of the event. The gallery layout can be viewed here.

The selected group will also be offered 200€ to employ a writer to prepare a text. This text will serve as the common departure point and the press text for the final show.

For further details contact:

Application period ~ 04.11.16 – 05.30.16

Selection period ~ 06.01.16 – 06.03.16

Exhibition period ~ 11.01.16 – 12.01.16

Number of participants 3


Flaggfabrikken – Center for Contemporary Art is offering the opportunity to undertake a one month residency for three artists in Bergen, Norway at the Christinegård Villa.

Five minutes from the downtown core, Christinegård has a fully equipped kitchen, functional fire place, large shared bathroom, multiple living rooms, large balcony and front yard. It has one of the best views in Bergen, situated atop of one of the many mountains surrounding Bergen overlooking the Norwegian Fjords.

All artists are invited to apply for the October 1st to October 31st period.

Each artist receives:

a studio in small commute from Villa
a single room inside the Villa (see above images)
paid travel expenses (Maximum 250 EURO)
daily allowance 20 EURO/day

During the residency the artist will be expected to give a small talk on his/her work. Application from Bergen based residents is not permitted.

Application period ~ 04.11.16 – 05.25.16

Selection period ~ 05.26.16 – 06.30.16

Residency period ~ 10.02.16 – 10.31.16

Number of participants 3