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határidődeadline: 2016. március 2.

studio das weisse haus is pleased to announce the residence program 2016 for young international artists who work and / or have academic experiences in the fields of fine arts, photography, installation, sound- and video- or performance art.

We offer two residence periods for three months, available to three artists each:

Period 1 is going to take place from April 5 until July 31, 2016.
Period 2 is going to take place from September 5 until November 30, 2016.

The aim of our program is to link the selected artists to the Viennese art scene and provide them with an insight into the local institutional environment. Therefore we will arrange studio visits, guided tours through current exhibitions and collections, field trips and other events.

During a residence period we organize an Open Studio Day, to give our guest artists the opportunity to present their ongoing projects as well as former works to the public. Local artist, curators and critics are invited to these events.

At the end of each residence period, the Artists in Residence are invited to introduce their project within the context of a public event. The form of presentation may be a workshop, a talk, a lecture performance, a screening, an exhibition or any other form of presentation.

Each Artist in Residence will receive

a monthly allowance of EUR 300,- to cover basic living costs. We do recommend to the candidates to look for additional funding.
a one time contribution of EUR 100,- to cover a part of the production costs for the proposed project.
a one time contribution to the travel expenses: EUR 200,- are assigned to residents coming from a country within Europe, whereas EUR 400,- are assigned to residents coming from a country outside of Europe.
a private room in a shared apartment (kitchen, sanitary facilities, terrace and courtyard)
an individual studio space
ongoing support by the staff of studio das weisse haus.
With the aforementioned events and activities organized by studio das weisse haus.

rtists, who would like to be considered as candidates, are kindly asked to submit the following documents only in digital form (accepted file types doc. / PDF.) to .
Please make sure that the documents in total do not exceed 5mb in size.

The fully completed application form: https://studiodwh.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/1602_applicationform_air-2016.docx
A professional CV detailing recent projects, exhibitions, workshops and residencies (max. 2 pages).
A portfolio
This should include samples of your work and realized projects of the past five years. In case you work with new media/video, please send us up to 5 links.
A description of the project you intend to realize during your stay (max 2 pages). This should include: aims, expected outcomes, mode of presentation, required space and material.
House Rules:
(https://studiodwh.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/1602_house-rules_air-2016.pdf) and Terms of Agreement:
Please read carefully through these two documents and take into consideration, when applying for a residency at studio das weisse haus, that you need to comply with them. Please submit the signed documents.

Supporting material such as artist books, catalogues or publications that illustrate your artistic practice, can be send additionally by mail to the address below. This is free of choice, and not necessary to complete your application. Please do not include any originals, as we do not return any application material.

Kunstverein das weisse haus
Alexandra Grausam
Hegelgasse 14
A – 1010 Wien

studio das weisse haus is especially interested in submissions that

meet its general objectives.
ensure high quality and clarity of the artistic work.
are site specific and relate to the space provided by the institution and its neighbouring surroundings, and / or
relate to the city and / or history of Vienna and its people, and / or
go beyond the traditional format of the art exhibition, and / or
engage and interact with the public.

n case of any questions, please contact:
Katja Stecher,