Gyeonggi Creation Center

határidődeadline: 2014. november 3.

Gyeonggi Creation Center is pleased to announce a call for 29 resident artists to participate in this year\’s Creation residency. The residency will host 17 Korean artists for a period of either one or two years, and 12 international artists for a period of up to three months. The application period begins in October and continues through November. The screening of applications will begin in December and continue through January. Once selected, artists are expected to arrive at the GCC in March.

The Gyeonggi Creation Center first opened to the public in October 2009. Its primary mission has been to establish itself as an international artist residency that supports creative work, research, and the free exchange of ideas between artists of all nationalities while fostering relationships with local surrounding communities.

GCC is managed by Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, a part of the Gyeonggi Provincial Government. GCC aims to inspire participants through creative activities, education programs, interdisciplinary research, and direct interactions with local residents and other community projects. An emphasis will be placed on increasing access to, and awareness of, the cultural resources of Gyeonggi Province for all residents.

It is our intention that a focus on interaction with local communities will set the stage for a new type of future-oriented cultural paradigm; GCC endeavors to lead the cultural development of Gyeonggi Province, and in doing so, will increase awareness and understanding of participants and communities in other international artistic exchanges.

The following guidelines are designed for international applicants only.
Artists working in all disciplines and genres are eligible to apply.

Creative residency program
–Visual arts: painting, sculpture, film/video, new media, architecture, design, photography
–Creative computation: data visualization, physical computing, UI/UX design, kinetic installation, glitch, net art
–Public art
–Performing arts: dance, music, theater
–Literature: poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, journalism, screen and playwriting, children\’s literature, or translation

Research residency program
–Curator, critic, museum archivist, philosopher, sociologist

How to apply
All the material must be submitted via email to

Application requirements
–Completed application (download from GCC website)
–CV or resume (less than one A4 page)
–1–2 page essay addressing the following (each essay must be less than 250 words):
–Briefly describe your practice.
–Your residency plan in GCC
–At least one or more of the following based on what best represents your work:
–15–20 images as single Powerpoint, or PDF file
–Five minutes of audio work(s), video work(s) or video documentation of work. Upload the audio work(s) and video work(s) on SoundCloud, YouTube, or Vimeo, then send us links to your work(s). You may write down the links in a PDF file. Please keep this in mind that all the links you will send us must be working properly. Otherwise, your application will be excluded.
–Up to ten pages of writing(s), if you are applying for research residency program

Support details
Each GCC International Resident Artist receives:
–A private studio in GCC Studio Building I
–Access to Media Shop, Print Shop, Wood Shop, Archive Room
Support on program:
–The presence of artists per period, each of whom gives a slide lecture, workshop, and offers optional individual studio visit
–Exhibition opportunities in GCC or outside GCC
Other support:
–Accidental injury Insurance

Details will be discussed with the Curatorial Team of GCC after being chosen as candidate.

Qualification and restrictions
–No restrictions on nationality, age, and media
–Compliance with user rules and to actively participate in GCC programs
–Using studio for more than four days a week
–Permitted to reside with one companion (required to notify beforehand)
–No pets and children are allowed
–Required to submit a brief report after completion of the residency period

Successful candidates will be notified individually for Skype or email interview by late January 2015. Interview schedule may be changed based on GCC\’s workload.

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