Iver Jåks Artist-In-Residency Program

határidődeadline: 2014. március 10.

SDG (Sámi Center for Contemporary Art) announces the Iver Jåks Artist-In-Residency Program 2014.

Named after the late Sami artist Iver Jåks, this international artist-in-residence program offers a two months residency in Karasjok, Norway.

For 2014 there will be given priority to work of three-dimensional character.

The residency includes accommodation, access to an artist studio, a stipend for living expenses and production costs, and travel costs covered to and fro.

Please send an application letter, an updated curriculum vitae and a selected digital portfolio (max 7 photo\’s / 50mb / mp3 fils, no Zip) to .

Applications are accepted until 23.59, GMT+1, 10th of March, 2014.
All applications received on the wrong email address will be rejected!

Conditions for Iver Jåks Artist-In-Residency Program 2014

1. Professional visual artists are eligible to apply for Iver Jåks Residency Program

2. Iver Jåks Residency Program offers a residency period for up to two months (minimum 1 month) in Karasjok, Norway.

3. Iver Jåks Residency Program includes a stipend of 20000 NOK, accommodation, access to studio/atelier, as well as travel expenses for the artist. The stipend covers living expenses as well as production costs. Further production costs are negotiable.

4. Available residency period for 2014 is 1st of June to 31st of October.

5. The application must include a letter of explanation for why it\’s you who should join the program, curriculum vitae and a digital portfolio(max 7 photo\’s / 50mb / mp3 fils, no Zip). Applications are only received digitally. Send your application to .

6. Deadline is at 23.59, March 10, 2014.
All applications received on the wrong email address will be rejected!

7. The selection of residency artist will be carried out during March and first part of April. The results are expected to be announce by mid-April. The artistic advisory board at Sami Center for Contemporary Art will make the selection. Quality of artistic practice is the exclusive selection criteria. Choice of artist will not be motivated or justified, and cannot be questioned.

8. Sami Center for Contemporary Art administers the residency program and is the host during the residency period.

9. The combined apartment and atelier at the Iver Jåks house in Karasjok will function as living and working space for the artist-in-residence.

10. A contract between selected artist and Sámi Center for Contemporary Art will be organized, detailing residency conditions.

11. For more information: Write to or call +47 90244062.