Open call: 19th Media Art Biennale WRO 2021

határidődeadline: 2020. október 21.

The program of WRO Biennale is open to artworks and various forms of expression and communication applying the artistic potential of new media, completed after January 1st, 2019.

Submissions dates: October 1–21, 2020

REVERSO is a call to look at what is happening now in art from the underside which, until recently just peeking through, is now becoming increasingly visible, from the reverse of a suddenly upended side, as well as being a device that saves the lives of climbers in case they suddenly fall off the rock, helping them convert an inevitable crash into a controlled rappel.

In search of a quality path and a redefinition of development: we call for REVERSO.

The shift requires to revise the status quo, to see what lies underneath, study things inside out, be inquisitive, and display sensitivity. This is the function of media art; its chance to operate with the values that are specific to art, and through its capability of fostering unobvious relations while looking not for one method – but for a multiplicity of visions, concepts, and practices.

Opening events: May 12–15, 2021

WRO Biennale
The WRO Media Art Biennale is the major forum for media art in Poland and one of the leading international contemporary art events in Europe. Since its inception in 1989, WRO has been presenting art forms created using new media for artistic expression and communication, exploring current creative territories, and forming a critical perspective of emerging issues in culture, art, society, technology, and humanities.

The catalog of the previous edition is available here:

Program director: Viola Krajewska
Artistic director: Piotr Krajewski