Pause publique

határidődeadline: 2013. április 22.

L\’iselp is pleased to invite you to take part in the second edition of the Pause publique competition to create a work of art in the Parc d\’Egmont, part of the City of Brussels.

Why Pause publique?
Near L\’iselp, the Parc d\’Egmont is a green jewel in the heart of the city, a perfect hideaway. Its hush-hush access gives it a feeling of extreme peace and serenity, hidden from the hurly-burly of city life. Besides these characteristics, this fine English-style garden offers the ideal setting for art events. A backdrop for encounter and for experiment in contemporary creation. This is not a matter of encroachment but, rather, of setting up camp there so as to allow fresh interpretations and a different appropriation of the space. The park finds its meaning in the use that the locals make of it; its significance lies in the way that its visitors enjoy and perceive it, in the harmony they can find there, the links that they can forge there. This competition aims to contribute towards this ongoing construction.

Article 1
In connection with its research in public art, L\’iselp is eager to develop a laboratory for the creation of public art. To that end, an annual competition rewards a project designed specifically for the Parc d\’Egmont.

Article 2
This year\’s edition of the competition concerns art that will be installed in the Park from October to November 2013. The submitted projects will be screened; five will be shortlisted. Taking on board the feedback from the panel, the five artists will then refine their respective projects with a view to successful completion of their works. After the first round of screening, the panel will meet a second time to announce the winner. This is when each artist can defend his or her project.
The chosen project will be funded by a prize of 5,000€, all taxes included, consisting of 3,000€ including taxes, plus an award of 2,000€, including taxes, paid on subsequent presentation of expense receipts. This sum includes the L\’iselp\’s contribution to all the costs of creation, research, production, transport and installation. L\’iselp defrays the insurance costs and any securities.
The four remaining candidates will receive 250€, all taxes included, by way of reimbursement.

Article 3
The competition is open to all candidates, regardless of age or nationality.

Article 4
The City of Brussels lays down the exact rules and regulations concerning the use of the Parc d\’Egmont: it is strictly forbidden to place heavy or bulky loads on the lawn or to dig holes; it is strictly forbidden to affix to trees any object likely to damage the bark. The work must also take account of the practical limitations of public space (safety, weather conditions, theft, etc.). Please contact the competition programmers should you have any technical questions (contact details below).

Article 5
Each candidate is required to present a file including their CV, a portfolio of previous work (if any) and a detailed plan for installation of the artwork in the Parc d\’Egmont (or a statement of intent and project synopsis, accompanied by a «pitch» showing the artist\’s abilities and experience in producing top-quality projects in a public park).

The file must be delivered to the following address: Concours Pause publique – L\’iselp – 31 Boulevard de Waterloo – B- 1000 Brussels. Despatch by ordinary mail is at the candidate\’s own risk and expense. After the competition, applications will be retained in the L\’iselp archive. Applications will not be returned to candidates. The closing date for submissions is 22 April 2013.
By submitting an application the entrant accepts the rules of the competition without reservation.

Article 6
The files will be submitted to a panel of professionals who are recognized experts in the field concerned. The names, positions and specializations of the members of the panel will be published on the L\’iselp website (www.L\’ The panel reserves the right not to confer the prize. The panel\’s decision is taken by simple majority and is final.

Article 7
The results of the screening will be announced on 2 May 2013. The panel will meet a second time to decide on the final results on 16 June 2013. The winner of the competition will be announced during the closing session of the L\’iselp academic year in late June, and by e-mail to all candidates.

Article 8
L\’iselp reserves the right to reproduce images of the selected work in whatever form it may deem fit, in the press or in its promotional or scientific material, in order to publicize the artists\’s participation in the competition. The artist surrenders all copyright and authorizes the prize sponsor(s) to do likewise in their internal and external communications.

Article 9
The work remains the property of the artist. L\’iselp undertakes to look after the work with due care and attention during the exhibition; however, the institution may not be held responsible for any natural wear and tear, defacement by human agency, or against theft. L\’iselp guarantees that no modification will be made to the work without the artist\’s authorization. After the exhibition, the artist should arrange for the disassembly and collection within four days of all installed material. L\’iselp may not be held responsible for any damage caused during the assembly and/or disassembly of the work.

Article 10
The panel and L\’iselp reserve the right to cancel at any time the participation and selection of any artist found to be acting contrary to the aim of the competition and the objects of L\’iselp. This decision is final and not open to appeal; no compensation may be claimed.