RESPONSE-ABILITY / memefest 04

határidődeadline: 2004. május 20.


The compound-word du jour is \”RESPONSE-ABILITY\” and as such, Memefest 2004 challenges designers and artists to explore the role of visual communicators in social movements.

Start by reading the essay Design is not enough. Then turn your attention to a cause that gets you riled up and start creating.

Your goal is to produce a visual work or project that communicates a social cause while taking into consideration the essay\’s ideas on collaborative expression and designer identity. As for subject matter, the field is wide open. From anti-corporate to pro-justice, from \”culture jamming\” to issue advocacy, it\’s all up to you.

When submitting your work, include a (150 word max.) rationale for your treatment.

Accepted Formats

A: Graphics (Static)
We accept; posters, logos, packaging, illustrations, digital and analog photography and public art installations (with photo documentation and a summary of the concept in writing).

B: Film/Animation
Films, animation and videos (max. 60 seconds).

C: Websites/Interactive
Websites built in technology supported by the majority of browsers (such as Flash, Javascript, Java applets etc.). Interactive creations built in Flash, Flash projects, Shockwave, applets etc.

Submission deadline is : 20 May 2004