SURVIVAL 16 Art Review – Open Call

határidődeadline: 2018. április 15.

Call for artworks to be presented during SURVIVAL 16 Art Review

The SURVIVAL Art Review – one of the largest reviews of art in public space in Poland – will be held in Wrocław for the 16th time.

The SURVIVAL Art Review is an artistic event that for 15 years has been intended to present contemporary art in the urban space of Wrocław. Each year the festival is held in a different place. The selected venues are buildings or public spaces, forgotten, abandoned or neglected, suspended between the former glory and the uncertain future. The 16 th edition of the Review will take place in the classical palace of the Wallenberg-Pachaly family. Designed in the 18 th century by Carl Gotthard Langhans, it combined residential and representative functions. The first floor was a luxury residence, while the ground floor was the seat of Commerzbank, a commercial banking enterprise. After 1945 the edifice was adapted to serve as a library and administrative centre of the University of Wrocław. In 2013 it was put out of use and offered for sale. Due to its history, the former function and the current value (as a cultural and financial asset), the motto and subject of this year\’s edition of the Review is Capital (understood in economic terms, but also as human, intellectual, symbolic or political capital). We invite visual artists to submit ideas for artworks made in different media that would be connected with the motto Capital and the context of the venue.

The deadline for submitting proposals expires on 15 April, 2018. Proposals can be sent by completing the form and the attachments available on to the following e-mail address: .

The SURVIVAL curators will then choose artworks to be presented in the chosen venue.

Deadline for submitting proposals: 15 April, 2018
more information:

SURVIVAL 16 Art Review
The Wallenberg-Pachaly palace
ul. Szajnochy 10, Wrocław
curators: Michał Bieniek, Anna Kołodziejczyk, Anna Stec