Survival Kit 5

határidődeadline: 2013. március 10.

The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) invites artists to submit ideas for the “Survival Kit 5” International Contemporary Arts Festival which will take place from the 5th to the 15th September, 2013.

Each year artists have been encouraged to contemplate on some theme of importance in the community and reflect it in their works, creating alternative scenarios for survival in the modern world.

“Survival Kit 5” has focussed on slow revolution, which emphasizes the importance of margins, overturning positions of power and questions the dominance of the centre. It is a non-hierarchical movement which has evolved from the needs of individuals and develops direct democratic traditions. The slow revolution invites not to be afraid of reaching out for what you really desire.

Applications are to be submitted online by March 10th, 2013, 11:59PM.

To apply:

fill in the application form, which may be downloaded here (one file – pdf, zip, etc.),
include your CV/portfolio (one file – pdf, zip, etc.),
include visual materials of the idea you wish to apply or examples of your previous artworks (one file – pdf, zip, etc.)

The maximum weight of all files together must not exceed 8MB.

Upload all the attachments in the form below by March 10th, 2013, 11:59PM.