WRO 2013 Biennálé

határidődeadline: 2012. december 15.


The theme of the WRO 2013 Biennale, marking the 50th anniversary of electronic art, will be the artistic and cultural values that have emerged – and are still emerging – from new media art.

Looking at it in historical terms, for several decades artists in the early phases of video and computer art raised issues and questions that not only foretold changes that would soon affect us all, but were also significant forces in bringing those changes about.

The appearance of new, previously unavailable tools for creative expression led to a redefinition of art. Media artists were participants in the emergence of new realms of communication and creativity and in shaping the cultural and social realities of the future. Now those realms and realities are universally experienced, underlying delineating society\’s patterns of awareness and functioning.

During the WRO 2013 Biennale, entitled Pioneering Values, we want to present current works that deal with the relations between new media art and the ubiquitous cultural creativity that surrounds it, taking innovative approaches to the intellectual challenges and demands of our era.

WRO 2013: Pioneering Values will highlight new visions that allude to the past, distill the present and offer intuitive glimpses of the future.

We are now welcoming submissions to the 15th WRO Media Art Biennale: Pioneering Values. You\’re invited.