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Gergely Mariann
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A Revolution in Art
Russian Avant-Garde in the 1910s and 1920s
28. January 2016. - 1. May
Curator: Gergely Mariann
Remarks by: Balog Zoltán, Nyikita Nyikolajevics Koritin
Reality rearranged
Artistic strategies in Hungarian art related to dada and surealism
9. July 2014. - 19. October
Curators: Kumin Mónika, Gergely Mariann, Kolozsváry Mariann, Százados László
Remarks by: Balog Zoltán, James S. Snyder
Budapest Art Expo Fresh VI.
13. April 2013. - 25. August
Curator: Gergely Mariann
Remarks by: Ledényi Attila
Molnár Gyula
Hommage á Poster
20. June 2012. - 31. August
Remarks by: Gergely Mariann
Ernszt András
Hidden Order
25. November 2011. - 13. January 2012.
Remarks by: Gergely Mariann
Bullás József, Somody Péter
Our Distances
30. October 2009. - 20. November
Remarks by: Gergely Mariann
Vajda Lajos
13. December 2008. - 1. March 2009.
Curators: Gergely Mariann, Pataki Gábor
Remarks by: Spiró György