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határidődeadline: 2016. March 31.
Guidelines and Criteria for Sponsorship The Criteria The Allianz Cultural Foundation primarily addresses exceptionally gifted young academics and artists in Europe. In particular, we support cooperative projects which involve partners from at least three countries. In addition to the required artistic, academic or educational quality, the project application has to point out, that the participating project partners share the financial and thematic responsibility of the project and cooperate at eye-level. Special attention is paid to projects which enable long-term networks between the involved artists and project partners. Further, the Allianz Cultural Foundation only supports projects, not institutions. Aside from the countries of Central and South-eastern Europe, in the upcoming years the funding of the Allianz Cultural Foundation focuses on the Mediterranean area. The criteria for funding focus on contemporary concepts of every genre and media which prove new, unique ideas in the arts, culture and education. The projects may also be workshops, whereas the active knowledge transfer and the exchange of experiences between the participants are valued as much as the resulting outcome. Furthermore, in the long run, sponsored projects should appeal to a larger audience rather than merely professionals. Project applications – the most important points at a glance The deadline for project applications for 2015 and 2016 expired on 31 March 2014 and 31 March 2015, respectively. Project applications for projects in 2017 have to be received via electronic and regular mail by 31 March 2016 at our office. (For regular mail, the deadline is valid for the postmark.) The application should include a maximum of 5 pages and should contain the following: 2-3 pages with detailed information on the project (conception/timetable/project partner, not standardized) | 1 page budget planning | 1 page project application sheet (standardized form, which you can find on the top-right of this page) The budget plan (1 sheet) should clearly indicate the specific subtotal you apply for, and outline for what purposes. The project application sheet aims at outlining the project briefly and clearly on 1 page maximum. As a matter of principle, the Allianz Kulturstiftung only co-finances projects at a maximum of 50%, and never assumes full financing. The duration of the project aid is always limited to a time period of one year. It is possible to reapply, but there is no guarantee on whether funding continues or not. Please send your applications by email as well as by post to the following address: Allianz Kulturstiftung Pariser Platz 6 10117 Berlin Excluded from funding are: scholarships external publications without reference to a funded project production costs of exhibitions, concerts, dance, theatre, film or opera events film projects (exception: projects where film is treated as an artistic medium) art or real estate purchases institutional costs (exception: overhead costs up to maximum 20% of funded sum) maintenance or restoration work acquisition of technical equipment events in the field of sports and entertainment commercial sponsoring activities The application procedure Applications for grants should outline the planned project on the project application sheet (1 page) and beyond that, should embrace a detailed concept (2-3 pages) of the project as well as a schedule and financial plan. The applications have to be handed in digitally via email as well as by standard mail. Should the sponsoring principles of the foundation be fulfilled, the application is presented to the interdisciplinary Advisory Board for discussion, since this is the board for academic and artistic matters that bears responsibility for the quality of the projects selected. The Advisory Board then makes its respective recommendation to the Board of Trustees, which – having the authority to specify guidelines – makes the final decision for the sponsorship programme. Aktion KulturAllianzen In addition to its cooperational projects all over Europe, the Allianz Kulturstiftung is also engaged at a local and regional level in Germany with its Aktion KulturAllianzen. As an independent project within the Foundation\’s sponsorship programme it accompanies and aids the cultural commitment of representatives of the Allianz SE on a local level. At the moment aid is limited to 2,250 euros per project, two thirds of which comes from the Allianz Kulturstiftung, one third from the local Allianz representative. Instruction Sheet 2017: Project Application Sheet 2017: