Daniel Langlois Foundation 2002: Call for projects I.

határidődeadline: 2002. January 31.
The Daniel Langlois Foundation, Montréal, Canada Announces Major Changes — [CALL FOR PROJECTS 2002 – NEW DEADLINES] — [MAJOR CHANGES TO THE FOUNDATION\’S PROGRAMS] [CALL FOR PROJECTS 2002] The Daniel Langlois Foundation is pleased to launch its call for projects for the year 2002. The Foundation now has 2 calls for projects a year, one for individuals and one for organizations. Note that all copies of the program guide distributed before September 24, 2001 are invalid. Please take careful note of the following deadlines: For individual artists or scientists: JANUARY 31, 2002 For organizations: JUNE 30, 2002 The Research Grant Program for Individual Artists or Scientists There is now one specific program guide and application form for individual artists that can be found at http://www.fondation-langlois.org/e/programmes/index.html Application information is now available in French, English or Spanish. FONDATION DANIEL LANGLOIS 3530, St-Laurent Blvd, suite 402 Montreal (Quebec) H2X 2V1 Canada