DAR AL-MA’MÛN – Artists residency

határidődeadline: 2010. August 16.
Call for application >Dar Al-Ma’műn : km13 route de l’Ourika, Tassoultante, Marrakech – Maroc >To send application : Dar Al-Ma’műn, for the attention of Julien Amicel and Carleen Hamon, c/o Redha Moali, 37 rue de charonne 75011 Paris – France. I. Project presentation and residency purpose Dar Al-Ma’műn is an artists residency founded by the Ithaque guest house complex located in the Ourika green valley near Marrakesh. Dar Al-Ma’műn brings a wealth of cultural activities (an exhibition space, a library of over 10,000 books in Arabic and French, a literary translation research centre, cultural and educational activities for children and adults). Dar Al-Ma’műn is a creating platform whose purpose is to develop intercultural exchanges and strengthen the contribution of Ithaque’s economic and local social development. Dar Al-Ma’műn is open to artists of all practices: drawing, painting, sculpture, video, photography, performance. II. Description of Dar Al-Ma’műn artistic residencies 1. Specificities Dar Al-Ma’műn is aimed at artists of all nationalities. We strongly encourage African artists to apply. On the other hand we want to focus on art projects in collaboration with the Moroccan craftsmen: to do so, we have listed their expertise and knowledge in a database to which the artists will have access. Our selection committee for the first session consists of: Sandra Mulliez (Founder of SAM Art Projects – Paris), Catherine David (exhibition commissioner and head curator of the Ministry of Culture’s Bureau of National Museums – France), Ami Barak (independent curator), Colette Barbier (Director, Fondation d’entreprise Ricard – Paris), Enrico Lunghi (Director of the Mudam – Luxembourg and President of IKT International), Kamel Mennour (Kamel Mennour Gallery – Paris). During the artist’s stay, committee members will be invited to individual visits to the workshops. Our workshop visiting program will feature art professionals added with personalized invitations to curators, art critics and heads of international institutions. With the artists, we will study the possibilities of presenting and distributing their works in Morocco and abroad at the end of the session. 2. Length of stay Dar Al-Ma’műn is a yearly permanent artistic residency. The first session will run from three to five months starting October 2010. 3. Budget During their residency, the four selected artists will benefit from a return flight to Marrakesh, single accommodation on site, meals included and a 100 square meter workshop. The shipping costs will be settled by us. Artists receive a production grant of 5,000 euros per person. 4. Home Conditions The Ithaque Hotel opens its doors in September 2010. The 1000 square meter building of Dar Al-Ma’műn will open at the end of the year: the first session of the artist residency will begin in October 2010 on the Ithaque Hotel premises during the precursory phase of Dar Al-Ma’műn. The four artists selected for this session will share a guest house of 850 square meters. The team at Dar Al-Ma’műn is continuously present in order to facilitate the artists stay and the realization of their artistic projects, assisting them with the human, technical and logistic projects. 5.Equipment An on site factory workshop is available for artists, including tools for woodworking. A technical manager is at their disposal to assist them in the creation of their projects. III. Application 1. Application form To be eligible, applicants must submit a dossier including: – A covering letter – A memorandum of intention (maximum one page) explaining the relevance of the applicant’s artistic work in relation to the specific Dar Al-Ma’műn residency. – At least one project feasible to the time and conditions of the residency. – A curriculum vitae. – An illustrated artistic portfolio representative of the artist’s general work. All mediums are accepted: paper, dvd, cd-rom, computer formats, web. 2. Criteria of selection: The residence is open to any artist, French-speaking or English-speaking, all nationalities, between 25 and 40 years old. 3. Selection of projects: The Dar Al-Ma’műn jury of contemporary art professionals will meet late August for the selection of candidates. The decision will be pronounced no later than September 5, 2010. 4. Instructions on forwarding applications: The application must be sent in an envelope marked «Application for residency Dar Al-Ma’műn «, Dar Al-Ma’műn, for the attention of Julien Amicel and Carleen Hamon, c/o Mr. Redha Moali, 37 rue de charonne 75011 Paris – France. 5. Deadline for receipt of applications: Monday, August 16, 2010 (date as per postmark). Additional Information: Our website is currently under construction. Meanwhile, we invite you to consult the Facebook group, Dar Al-Ma’műn, to obtain detailed information and photographs on the residency and hostel. Further information may be requested from : http://www.dam-arts.org Email : Julien Amicel, co-director of Dar Al-Ma’műn Cel. : +33(6). & Carleen Hamon, co-director of Dar Al-Ma’műn Cel. : +33(6).