határidődeadline: 2007. February 16.
We invite (young) artists, architects, designers, makers and organizers of culture to create and present new projects. IMPEX contemporary art provider, started in October 2006, announces a call for young artists, architects, designers and others to take part in its programs for 2007. One of the main goals of IMPEX is to offer possibilities for young creative minds to realize their ideas, create new works and present them to the public. The spaces of IMPEX (Budapest, VIII district. Futó str. 48.) can host various activities (exhibitions, studio work, discussions, performances, lectures etc.) WE EXPECT APPLICATIONS: a./ for one-night events in IMPEX. These might include exhibitions, discussions, lectures as single or approximately monthly events. b./ for studio work on a new project. The spaces might be used for three-week periods, finishing with a presentation and an open studio event. c./ for longer-term, continuous work or program series. The spaces might be used for a maximum period of one month. In this case we expect applications of teams who need a fixed space for their activities, and who keep these activities open to the public with regular open studio work and public programs. d./ for individual or group exhibitions. The maximum period of an exhibition is four weeks. Applications aiming at collaboration between artists and/or various disciplines are privileged in all cases. Applicants might be: individuals, groups, nonprofit organizations who are active in visual arts or whose activities relate to visual arts. Applications must include: – a detailed description of the programs/activities including technical requirements and the preferred periods and dates of the work (between 2007 February 1 and December 30) – a detailed CV of the applicants and/or the description of activities and goals for organizations – visual material (if possible) representing the program or the work (compulsory for point a./) – planned goals and expected results of the work (where possible) DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: this is an ongoing application Approved applicants will get access the spaces of IMPEX after finalizing schedules and requirements. Furthermore, IMPEX offers technical and organizational assistance. Financial support is not available to date, but as fundraising is in progress, grants schemes are expected to open in the future. Applications should be sent to the email address The description of the call for applications can be found on