Networked Performance Blog and Conference

határidődeadline: 2005. December 31.
Networked Performance Blog and Conference 2006, seeks participants. Networked_Peformance Blog and Conference Hello, We are planning a networked performance conference for Spring/Summer 2006 and invite you to play a role in its development. We‚ve set up a blog on the Turbulence web site ( where you can describe your performance activities, and give us your perspective on what the important issues and challenges are in networked performance today. We hope to obtain a wide range of perspectives and uncover points of mutual relevance that will help build the content of the conference. The conference will bring together practitioners and scholars from all forms of networked performance–distributed Internet performance (including dance-, theater-, and music-driven works), avatar theater, online performance art, multi-user gaming performance, mixed reality performance, and other hybrid forms. Multiple institutions and organizations will play a role: New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (NRPA), a not-for-profit media organization and parent of; Emerson College, Boston; and California State University at Monterey Bay (CSUMB). We plan to work with additional organizations that will commission and/or host performances during the conference. So visit the blog. Tell us who you are. Give us your URL(s) to post in our links section and the dates of any upcoming networked performances. And please tell anyone you think might be interested to join us. Looking forward to an exciting discussion and conference, Helen Thorington, Jo-Anne Green (New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.) Michelle Riel (California State University at Monterey Bay) John (Craig) Freeman, Brooke Knight (Emerson College)