OFF-Biennale Budapest at documenta fifteen

OFF-Biennale Budapest brings two projects and a periodical to documenta fifteen.

The first is a new edition of the RomaMoMA project, in collaboration with the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture. The works of the invited artists will be displayed at the Museum Fridericianum.

Daniel BAKER, BALÁZS János, Robert GABRIS, Sead KAZANXHIU, Damian LE BAS, Małgorzata MIRGA-TAS, Omara (OLÁH Mara), PÉLI Tamás, Selma SELMAN, Ceija STOJKA

Daniel BAKER, Ethel BROOKS, Tímea JUNGHAUS, Hajnalka SOMOGYI, Eszter SZAKÁCS, Katalin SZÉKELY, Miguel Ángel VARGAS

The other OFF project takes place in the boathouse AHOI!, on the banks of the Fulda, a ‘construction site’ that has the potential of a playground. In a world of ‘whatifs’ and ‘whynots’, simple functional objects can become toys with the help of imagination, and a construction site can turn into a playground.

The buildings and installations created here are largely made from simple or recycled materials, mobilising the boundlessness of imagination, of the world of children, the liberating power of stories and fairy tales, in order to find a free world beyond the playground fence.

AUW (Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop) / Dénes Emil GHYCZY & Lukács SZEDERKÉNYI, Ádám KOKESCH, Eva KOŤÁTKOVÁ, Ilona NÉMETH, The Randomroutines / Tamás KASZÁS & Krisztián KRISTÓF, Recetas Urbanas
Collaborating institution:
Unterneustädter Schule, Kassel
Nikolett ERŐSS, Eszter LÁZÁR, Borbála SZALAI, Katalin SZÉKELY

On the same page is a publication written and edited by the collective of participants of the OFF-Biennale 2021, about the notions of independence, artistic freedom, resistance and self-organization. Editors Rita KÁLMÁN, Lívia PÁLDI and Katarina ŠEVIC.