Border Case

Exhibition of György, Dániel, Miklós Erdély and Zsuzsa Szenes

OMA (Budapest IX. Angyal utca 32.)
Private view: 2022. 05. 09. 20.00

OMA will present graphics from the series Hadititok – Military Secret by Miklos Erdély
along with photographs by György Erdély and Daniel Erdély, and a montage by Zsuzsa Szenes.
The film Vonatút – Train Trip by Miklós Erdély will be projected.
Soundtrack composer Tibor Szemző will be present.
Art is a military secret
“The easiest way to lie is to be silent.” This sentence of my father’s is constantly buzzing in my head lately.
Is that really the sentence? Something like this! And this is closely related to the texts he wrote for the large scale installation “military secret”, for the Orwell memorial exhibition in 1984, which appeared in a ticker tape. In these, along with several complementary statements, he confers all knowable and unknowable things to the status of a “military secret”. There is a strong unspoken conclusion to this: Art is a military secret.

This is what he refers to in his Marly theses, when he writes:
What art is cannot be said, it can only be decided. (Miklós Erdély: Theses for the 1980 conference of Marly)
Dániel Erdély, Budapest, 3rd of August 2002