Exhibition of László Karácsonyi

15. 10. 2022 – 18. 11.
Virág Benedek House (Budapest I. Döbrentei st. 9.)

Opening: 15.10.2022. 7 – 9 pm
András Ötvös, actor

The river runs through the city weawing. Parts of the city are connected with bridges, like an open wound, and we call every geological interference city planning. The dinosaurs dreaded from the thunderbolts, escaping the storms of the August wheels are strolling through the historical buildings of Budapest. Domesticated ancient reptiles are scraping up the surface of the city frightened, as they are looking for a shelter. Harpsichord melodies are waving from under the asphalt, like the million years old Danube. Perhaps vital signs of an earlier civilisation. From the cracks of painted walls a baroque armchair and sofa are emerging on their own feet. Fossilized souls are lying on them and revealing themselves to the archeologists of culture. Let’s dive under and search for the cursed ammonite of Nemo. Let the magma of laughter break out of the craters of mesosoic volcanos, as the ancient anxiety caused by asteroids dissolves in our genes.