Oto Hudec: Nomadia Travelling Museum

site-specific installation

2022. 07. 22. – 08. 14.
KÉK (Budapest XI. Bartók Béla út 10-12.)

Private view: 2022. 07. 21. 18.00

Multimedia artist Oto Hudec’s paintings and prints explore both personal and social themes, and he also creates videos and public artworks on topics such as immigration, refugees and the impact of globalisation on the environment.

Nomadia, an installation presented in Budapest in cooperation with KÉK, evokes the tent as an archetypal form of temporary architecture, including tents of nomadic peoples, refugees and hikers. The installation symbolically provides a space for populations oppressed by states and corporations, such as nomadic cultures in disappearance or migrants.

These fragile constructions convey the stories told in the documents exhibited with them, complemented by paintings and postcards made by the artist at the respective stations (Greetings from Nomadia).

In special situations, institutions that are otherwise considered stable and permanent (e.g. museums) may be forced to move or migrate. Fixity of place has become relative, with historically established ways of life being joined by contemporary co-travellers seeking their place in a changed world, in a state of permanent transience.