Soft as Water

Exhibition of Ioana Stanca and Orsolya Lia Vető

27th April – 17th May 2022
Pince (Budapest XII. Hajnóczy József u. 5.)

Private view: 2022. 04. 26. 18.30
Opening speech: Éda Meggyesházi

In order to explore the animistic interpretation of symbols with organic associations, Ioana Stanca creates textile-based objects and installations – occasionally including certain performative elements –, while Orsolya Lia Vető relies on the extended medium of painting.

The site-specific environment at Pince addresses the viewer through a multitude of sensations linked to the materials integral to the works.The starting point for the exhibition is the notion of tactility, which encodes itself in distinct material layers.

The phenomenology of touching the surface of water emerges as a central metaphor. The hidden presence of the experience of existing in a woman’s body contextualizes the hybrid ensemble of merging, intertwining forms.

The gentle free-fall of the objects, their floating state, reminiscent of arms and legs gone limp, becomes merged with a hydrofeminist understanding of the changeable, receptive medium of water. Due to the presence of various non-verbal qualities, the materials assume their natural state of formlessness.

Curator: Éda Meggyesházi