Too soon, too late

Exhibition of Gergő Ámmer

17.02.2023. – 10.03.2023.
Tér-kép Galéria (Budapest I. Krisztina krt. 83-85)

Private view: 2023. február 16. 18:00
Opening speech: György Cséka aestethe

In the general entropy hydrogen atoms become coal compounds, which they perceive as their own causal development. Their weight becomes more dense, calcit turns into marble under pressure, which dissolves to responsibility and conscience among the heavy metal tools.

Humans are perhaps the only beings in the world, but definitely on Earth, that are thinking about their own existence. They place themselves in time: investigate the past and imagine the future. They leave memories for later generations intentionally and unintententionally. At the same time they try to understand the physical and metaphysical layers of existence. They can count chances of the impact of an asteroid, the cycles of changes of new ice ages, also the consequences of their own actions. The special situation of the conscious being, as they not only suffer the unintentional physical laws, but has the opportunity to intervene even in their own evolution, but seemingly unable to avoid disaster despite all of this.

We find the characters of Too soon, too late in this inbetween state. As we can associate to some artifact-like thing looking at the bodies reminding us of mythological figures, it’s as If there’s some insecurity about the fact that it is not about an event that happened in the past. We cannot know for sure, If we see the result or the starting point of something. Bearers, caretakers of the same body and also the ones who commit the acts. The definition of sin seems constant from its beginnings, but it’s assesment can be relativized in historical perspectives on the seesaw of dominance.

Curated by Balázs Fodor