(Magyar) »What it is, Yet a Dream-map«

(Magyar) nemzetközi csoportos kiállítás

2022. november 25 – 2023. január 23.
aqb Project Space (Budapest XXII. Nagytétényi st. 48-50.)

What it is, Yet a Dream-map is an international group exhibition featuring immersive sound and visual installations as well as speculative art projects in the fields of performing and media art. Departing from a poem by the feminist author Adrienne Rich, all works deal with alternative modes of thinking physicality – objects, spaces, sounds. They do so by playing with the formation of sculptural objects, queering space, imagining the physical shape of the political, or creating alternative perceptions of cities and states. The exhibition is an invitation for utopian thinking, taking art as the basis to sketch alternatives to established modes of thinking. The artworks from different disciplines offer an entry point, not in showing concrete examples of possible futures, but in relating to the current problems and crises of our world, and serving as a “dream-map” for alternatives.

Anna Schiefer & Björn Kühn, Bartosz Dolhun, Flaviu Cacoveanu, Fulterer & Scherrer, LAND3C, Laureta Hajrullahu, Lőrinc Borsos, Luz Olivares Capelle, Maja Bojanić, Marie-Andrée Pellerin, Mette Sterre, Naomi Moonlion, Zosia Hołubowska

Maximilian Lehner

Dj sets at the afterparty:
The Stanley Maneveur, esze_veszett, János Discotheque