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Is modernity our Antiquity?

Edit Andras:
Modernity is our antiquity, or is it?

Gabor Andrasi:
Deep Sea Fish
Modernity as antiquity in contemporary Hungarian art

Gabor Bora:
Postscript to a Future

Maja and Reuben Fowkes:
Sensuous Resistance
The legacy of modernism for sustainable art

Csaba Nemes:

Levente Polyak:
Urban Spaces of Periphery, or the rediscovery of the Ledges of Budapest

Societe Realiste:

Erzsebet Tatai:
The Trials of the Modernist Work of Art and the Artist Myth

What is bare life?

Juszuf Istvan Antal:
To Live a Life

András Müllner:
The Fiction of ‘Bare Life‘
How performatives function in neo-avantgarde works of art

Márió Nemes Z.:
Tibor Hajas and the Sacred Body
Destructive body-art and the homo sacer

What is to be done?

Ádám Tábor:
Concourse at the centre

Sándor Hornyik:
A ‘post-neo-avant-garde’ utopia realized
On Miklós Erdély’s art pedagogy